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Booze and Bruise Time!

Our annual kickoff for 15's seson is this Saturday! Show up at Douglass East Park (Bryant and NE 4th) at 5:45  for registration. Kickoff is at 6:30. Everyone gets playing time! There will be food and drinks available. 

Work the kinks out of your back, and get your body and mind prepared for 15's again. IT'S BOOZE N BRUISE TIME!!!​​

                  ​Don't Stop Believing!
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​​​​​OKC Blows Lead to Lose 56-37 to Little Rock

​​ It was perfect Saturday for rugby in Little Rock. In what is arguably one of the best rugby venues in U.S.  the sun was out, no wind, and temperature around 60 degrees.
Little Rock started out with the ball and marched down the field on a 20+ phase drive, but were met by and organized and relentless Crusader defense who were not going to allow Little Rock to score. After numerous stops on the try line Little Rock was forced to settle for a penalty kick.
OKC answered with 3 trys only converting on 1 to lead 17-3 with 6 minutes to go in the half. In those 6 minutes the Crusaders took their foot of the pedal and Little Rock took full advantage evening the score 17-17 by half.
Little Rock took full advantage of the momentum jumping out with a flurry of trys to have a commanding lead. OKC was finally able to get it  back going scoring 4 trys in the last 25 minutes to push Little Rock to the final whistle.
In end the OKC had 7 trys, and 1 conversion to Little Rocks 7 trys 6 conversions and 3 penalty kicks.​​​​