Crusaders News:

Practice Thursday 10/30 at the game pitch, 6pm til dark. 

Saturday 11/1 -10am practice at the game pitch. We need people there to practice, and help Josh finish welding the goalposts.

Also Saturday 11/1 watch NZ vs USA at Henry Hudson's in Bricktown​​​​ (27 E. Sheridan) from 2:30p - 5pm. We have the patio reserved with the 90" TV, bring some friends and check it out!

Upcoming Cup Matches

Nov. 1st  Watch Party
​Nov. 8th   @ 10 am
               ​  Little Rock
                 Ozark Tourn.​

​Nov. 22nd     Shreveport​ 

                          @ home

                  ​Don't Stop Believing!
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